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Spacedog Slap Packs

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The Spacedog Slap Packs are finally here! 🐕🪐

It took us a few months trying to figure out how we wanted to do this by making it a seamless ordering process for everyone.

We know that you wouldn't want to buy the same stickers over and over again. .(unless they're a household favorite)

We also believe 3 stickers is a good amount to make the shipping costs totally worth it. (this may increase to 4 stickers per pack depending on demand)

To better explain, This is how the Slap Packs work:

  • Each pack has a total of 3 stickers
  • All stickers are different per pack
  • Items per Slap pack will not repeat unless you order the same style
  • items in slap packs may be new designs, upcoming designs or designs that are awesome but didn’t make the production cut(yet) 😉

In essence you can get for example: Slap Pack A, B, and C and you will get 9 Raised UV slaps from 9 different designs.

Please know that you may receive slap packs from unreleased designs, this is top secret, so please keep it CLASSIFIED 🧑🏽‍🚀👌🏽

*some slap packs may have a difference in prizing due to sizing of the actual sticker, most are 3" however, some may be 4" or bigger.. 


We truly hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 


Show them off in your laptops, Notepads, iPads, Flasks or anywhere you'd like!