Spooky Trio

Spooky Trio

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It’s Spooky Szn!

A broLab brought to you by SDxNaranjo! 🎃👻



Spooky Threads & Spooky Frisbee RE’s (doggie RE sets are split 50/50 with each maker) 


here’s how the drop menu will occur on Sd’s site:

1 set includes:

  • 1 Round patch (100 made- 50:50 split between makers) 
  • 1 set of SD mascot RE’s ( 50 sets made) 1.5” tall
  • 1 set of Scraps Doggie RE’s (50 sets made) 1.5” tall

  • MAX 2 SETS PER 🏡 

( the other 2 sets of RE’s will be dropped exclusively at https://shopnaranjo.com )


This will be dropped as a Trio in my Site to make it easier for everyone to checkout without choosing in between items and possibly missing out. 

**The other sets must be purchases from Naranjo site, they will either be dropped individually or as a set depending on Heri’s decision he’s the boss 🫱🏾‍🫲🏻**